A Tribute to Stephen Kolodny, The Co-Founder of Our Institute

STEPHEN A. KOLODNY, The Kolodny Law GroupThe Faculty of the National Family Law Trial Institute celebrate the life of Stephen Kolodny. Steve was our mentor, hero, and inspiration. Regardless of our own age or experience, each of us aspired to become a better person and a better lawyer because of Steve. He was a friend whose loyalty had no limits.

In 1989, Steve and his lifelong friend, Lynne Gold-Bikin, began their commitment to teaching family lawyers how to litigate family law cases. Under their leadership and guidance, the National Family Law Trial Institute became the preeminent family law advocacy course in the country. Along the way, Steve challenged each of us to be the very best version of ourselves. He taught by example and always gave more than he received.

Although Steve was a ferocious litigator and a tireless advocate for his clients, it is his heart and compassion that we will miss the most. Steve’s contributions to our profession and his dedication to teaching other family law attorneys are the lessons that we will each carry forward. Our lives are forever blessed for having been given the opportunity to work with Steve and to call him our friend.

Rest in peace dear friend. You will be with us always.

~ Sherri Evans is a Faculty Member at the National Family Law Trial Institute


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