“After an amazing week in training, I experienced an immediate benefit to my practice. Within two weeks of my return from Houston, I won three hearings back to back. I am living proof that the results are immediate and dramatic.”

David E. Wells
Conway, South Carolina

Scholarship Policy

The National Family Law Trial Institute (the “Institute”) recognizes the need for and benefit of the Institute’s training and educational experience for attorneys whose practices are focused on providing legal services in the area of Family Law. The Institute also recognizes that certain attorneys who provide legal services in the area of Family Law, specifically those who work for the government, for a governmental agency, or for certain non-profit entities may not be in a financial position to obtain the education experience provided by the Institute.

The Institute will provide up to a maximum of two (2) Partial Tuition Scholarships for the Regular Program each year. Only those attorneys who provide legal services in the area of Family Law and who work for the state or federal government, for a state or federal governmental agency (e.g., Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, etc.), or for certain non-profit entities (e.g., Center for Domestic Violence, etc.) are eligible to apply for a Partial Tuition Scholarship.

Recipients of a Partial Tuition Scholarship will be able to attend the Institute for a reduced fee and obtain educational experience that has a real and direct benefit to them. A Partial Tuition Scholarship will reduce the tuition to Five Hundred Dollars ($500). Partial Tuition Scholarship recipients will be responsible for all non-tuition, out-of-pocket costs associated with travel to and attendance at the Institute. In any given year, the Institute reserves the right not to grant a Partial Tuition Scholarship.

Request for a Partial Tuition Scholarship must be submitted in writing no later than ninety (90) days prior to the first day of the Institute for which the Partial Tuition Scholarship is sought to scholarshiprequest@familylawtrialinstitute.com.